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Web site email anti-spam and Anti-Virus services

One of the biggest obstacles in online marketing is SPAM! While difficult to battle, we provide an anti-spam service that is hassle free and affordable. Let us block and filter your spam email so that you can put your energy towards more important items on your business agenda.

Block Spam Before Reaching your Email Server and Desktop Computers

Reduce spam without the need to purchase expensive and limited capability hardware or buggy and unreliable software solutions. Reducing spam at our servers not only makes e-mail a tool instead of a nuisance, but saves your network bandwidth and mail-server processing.

Corporate and Enterprise Level Services for the Small Business Owner

We provide corporate level protection for the small business owner without the hassle of hardware maintenance or software installation and updates.

No Software - No Hardware - No Hassle

We prevent spam and virus before reaching your email server and office computers. We filter all your email on our anti-spam servers before the hassle of spam and danger of virus reaches you. This means you...

  • Do not need to install software on your computers.
  • Do not need to purchase expensive hardware with limitations.
  • Do not need to update software.
  • Manage blocked messages via easy web browser interface.

How Our Anti-Spam Service Works

Simple Illustration

Server Level Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus

Advanced Illustration

Advanced Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Service

All you need to do is set your MX record in DNS to direct mail to our servers AND configure your mail server to accept relay from our servers, we handle the rest! We can help direct your email Administrator with the process. We can even forward messages to host-names instead of IP addresses to support those who wish to host their own mail behind dynamic IP addresses.

Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Services

  • Protection: Anti-Virus & removal of dangerous attachments. Prevent your server from being used as open-relay. Stop mail-loops.
  • Blocking: Blocks open relay sources. Isolate known spam signatures & domains.
  • Inspection: Evaluates contents of messages for blocking & non-blocking. Create white-lists of keywords/phrases & values to prevent false-positives. Add your own custom black-list keywords/phrases to work along with system provided dictionaries.
  • Web Based: Users can logon manually or utilize domain-integrated security to manage isolated messages. Network administrators can manage service settings as well as managing isolated messages for entire domain.

Summary of Features

  • Spam-Blocking via database of identified spam signatures.
  • Spam-Blocking via keyword/phrase point value system.
  • Anti-Virus
  • Removal of dangerous attachment types
  • Web-Based Administration
  • Domain Authentication/Identification
  • White-List Dictionary to prevent false-positives
  • Black-List Dictionary
  • Relay Source Blocking
  • Levels of Blocking
  • Identify Recipient Message Volume
  • No Need to purchase Hardware or Software
  • No "Customer Hostage" scenario.


ATTENTION: Spam and Computer Virus is a serious problem. With this problem you need a serious solution. Rest assured, that while our services sound very technical and complicated, we make it very easy for you to prevent spam and computer viruses making their way to your computers.