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Custom Logo Design and Business Branding

Designing Unique Business and Corporate Identities

Scenic Way Gifts
Scenic Way Gift Shop in Hocking Hills
Getaway Cabins
Getaway Cabins in Hocking Hills, Ohio
Indian Mound Lodge
Indian Mound Lodge in Hocking Hills, Ohio.
Winterset Lakes Cabin
Winterset Lakes Cabin in Lore City Ohio
Carolina Mountain Vacations
Carolina Mountain Vacations in North Carolina
Jacks Steak House
Jacks Steakhouse in Hocking Hills Ohio
Put-in-Bay Online Souvenir Shop
Lazy Lane Cabins
Lazy Lane Cabins in Hocking Hills also used on roadside Billboard

Your identity should be as unique as your business. With a unique custom logo design integrated into your web site you will not be misidentified with other businesses offering the same services.

Logo Usage and Marketing

Our logo designs have been applied to all types of media. Not only are our designs integrated into our website designs, but also applied to other marketing media such as stationary, business cards, billboards, clothing, vehicle magnets, and all signage.

The only limitations to our logo design is your production shop. If your local print and production shop has limitations, it is time to find another shop.

Logo Design Process

The TruWebs logo design process is Simple and Complete. Our number one goal is to create a Corporate Identity that is unique and describes your business.

How We Do It

  • Teamwork
  • Research and Brainstorming
  • Sketching
  • Prototype
  • Send for Review
  • Finish and Revise
  • Create and Supply


Teamwork is key to success in any business. That is why we welcome every Client as an active teammate in the creative process of creating your Corporate Identity. With your input and our expertise, we will create a logo that satisfies.

Research and Brainstorming

Our Creative Director will communicate with you to learn about the vision you have of your logo. We will then research your competition and market for trends, history, and the future of your brand. We then add our expertise for items you may not have considered.


Many of today's "graphic designers" make the mistake to go right to the computer and start kicking out digital graphic design from stock fonts and clipart. This in turn limits the creativity to fonts and stock artwork.

After our research we take your project to the drawing board with old fashion paper and pencil. We will use the information we have gathered to create a unique rough sketch design that we will share with you. After explanation of our direction and vision, we look for your feedback for desired tweaks and modifications. Once a rough concept is agreed upon, we move to the next stage of creating a prototype.


The prototype process involves digitizing what we have created with pencil and paper in the sketch process. While many times we steer away from stock fonts, there a cases where we find one of the thousands of fonts we have fits your logo concept. Other times, we use a font as a base for your logo and modify it to your needs. And in many cases we will create our own font style through graphic design software.

In addition to the typeface to be used in your logo we custom draw artwork using our graphic design software. Our skilled and experienced graphic designers will also include the color envisioned color scheme to the digital prototype. After the rough prototype has been created we move on and send it to you for review.

Send for Review

Once the prototype is complete we will send it back to you in PDF or JPG format for viewing in a near final digitized product. We will also include an explanation of our direction of the prototype.

The ball is now in your court. We recommend you take some time to review the logo prototype. We also recommend you share with friends, as it is valuable to get input from others. Once you have had time to review, simply let us know what changes you would like. If there are revision requests we will make your requested revisions.

Revise and Finish

After we make your requested revisions we will send the finished product back to you in PDF format for your approval. Once approved we will then create the final artwork and supply you with the digital files for you to use your logo on your desired media.

Creation and File Formats

You will be supplied with all the popular file formats required to use your digital artwork in the media of your choice.

We can supply your artwork in the following formats to be used at your desired production shop.

  • ai
  • jpg
  • psd
  • gif
  • png
  • tif
  • eps

You will now have the start of your new website design and branding to present your business as a unique entity that stands above the rest.

Business Logo Designs

Soap Company Prototype
Soap Company Prototype
Nature's Canvas Taxidermy in Northeast Ohio
Speed Dating
Cleveland Speed Dating Service
Cleveland Broadband Connectivity Provider
Ohio and Michigan Telecommunications Distributor
Propane Gas
Ohio Propane Gas Provider
Ladies Clothing
Women's Boutique at Crocker Park in Westlake, Ohio
Ohio Travel
Ohio Travel and Lodging Guide