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Web Site Development

Easier and More Cost Effective Web Maintenance

As your #1 marketing tool, your website should be updated often with all that is happening with your business today. Unfortunately, there are many web sites that are outdated for one simple reason. Cost to maintain. TruWebs offers dynamic web development services to allow you the site owner to maintain your own content.

Solving Problems for You and Customers

TruWebs helps you answer two simple questions in your web development needs. What problems do you need to solve with your business? What problems do you need to solve for your customers? The problem that most business owners have is cost to do frequent updates to their sites to keep their sites fresh with new content.

Web Development Solutions Portfolio

Web Development Projects
Almost too much to list, but Getaway Cabins has many areas where they manage themselves through easy web interfaces using their web browser from any computer that is online. All areas are protected with a username and password with administrative rights. 1) With over 25 cabin rentals they needed solution to manage their online rates and easily display featured amenities for each cabin. 2) The Comments area allows them to add guest comments whenever they want. 3) The FAQ module lets site visitors ask a question to be posted on the site with an answer for all site visitors to view. This frees the phones and lessens the need to be tethered to email. 4) The events calendar lets Getaway Cabins added, edit, and delete events days, weeks, months, and years in advance. 5) The What's New can be edited to make last minuted announcements. 6) They also have a robust web link application allowing them to add, edit, and delete web links to local area businesses and recreation areas.
Scenic Way Gifts needed an easy to manage ecommerce solution. This online shopping cart was custom built to their needs. with the integration of PayPal credit card processing. Online database modules allow for virtually a limitless inventory, featured artist products, and other content management abilities. The custom logo and site design allow for unique branding. Visit Online
Jack's Steak House in Logan, Ohio also has a number of content management systems. All help them save costs on maintenance because they too perform updates from their web browser. 1) They have the ability to upload new PDF files as their menu changes. 2) They can also add, edit, and delete web links when needed. 3) The Specials area allows them to change their lunch specials as often as they desire. Their only cost to make these changes is their own time.
By now you should understand that in order to save money on maintaining your web site, you should be able to make changes with no or minimal additional costs. Hocking Hills Wedding Moons needed the ability to make serveral updates per week. TruWebs developed an online wedding photo album to display wedding couples and all the details of their wedding. We also gave the capability to upload images in order to create virtually a limitless sized photo album. With a little coaching we were able to teach our Client how to optimize their images for web site usage.
More web development by TruWebs. 1) Online Newsletter can be updated as frequently as needed via simple web browser interface. 2) Local Events Calendar updated often at no additional costs. 3) Membership and Partnership listings updated soon after subscription is confirmed. 4)Broadcast email system to allow site visitors to opt-in and opt-out of broadcast emails. Broadcast email send option integrated into subscription system.
More Is Better! If you are looking for a professional Web Site Design with eye appealing layout, and easy navigation we will provide it for you.
But TruWebs provides MORE than the standard eye appealing brochure-ware. We provide Web Site Development by building sites that WORK for your business.

More Function...
More Control...
More Ideas...
More Possiblities...
More Return Vistors...
More Business!
What costs a little more in the beginning pays off bigger in the future.

Content Management Systems and Applications

Content Management Systems and web based Software Applications allow you to control your website. We design and develop applications to help meet your needs. We use the Microsoft ASP.NET Framework to develop robust software that runs from your website allowing you to control content from your web browser quickly and easily. If you can do word processing, you can maintain content on your web site.

Static Web Design and Content

At one time, most web sites were designed using static content only. In short, a site designed on the static concept requires somebody, whether it be the web designer or the site owner to physically edit html files on the web server to make changes to on the web site. This requires a skill set and knowledge of html or extra costs in purchasing and learning an html software application to keep your site updated. With a site that is built statically, the site owner needs to pay the web designer every time edits need to be made which can be quite costly when changing information often.

Dynamic Database Driven Web Content

Today, most reputable and up-to-date web sites are built upon a dynamic web development technology. While there are many web technologies available to work from, TruWebs builds most of its development projects using Classic ASP and the ASP.NET framework by Microsoft. The main concept behind dynamic content is that the information on a web page is driven from an online database rather than hardcoded into a static html file.

What Makes a Web Site Dynamic?

There are three main components that make up dynamic database driven content.

  • Online database that stores the information to be displayed on one or many web pages of your web site.
  • Online administrative backend application used to add, edit, and delete information in the online database.
  • Web page or pages that display the information from the database to your web site visitors.

What Content Should Be Dynamic?

While any content can be dynamic, it is recommended that all content you want to change often should be dynamic. Some content management systems that we have build include...

  • Events Calendars
  • Image Galleries
  • Rates Schedules
  • Online Newsletters
  • Product Catalogs
  • Anything Updated Often

Having dynamic content on your web site allows you to update content on your web site virtually for FREE. Yes, the cost of database driven content costs more to develop, but those costs are quickly absorbed after only a few edits made to your web site. Why? Because you no longer need to contact your web designer to make changes. You can do them yourself through your web browser.

Why Does it Cost More?

Remember the difference between Static and Dynamic. Static is simply a document written in HTML placed on a web server to be viewed through a web browser. There is not much more to creating HTML documents than using a word processor. Dynamic content involves building a database, build an application to maintain the database, and build a page for your web site visitors to view to display the data in your database.